Glove Latex

Glove Latex

The palm of a goalkeeper glove is made from a layer of foam and a layer of latex. The special latex for goalkeeper gloves that the palm is equipped with is the most important feature of a glove, and no matter how many amazing features the gloves have, it all comes down to the quality of the latex. That's why it is so essential for goalkeepers to know a little about the different types of latex to choose between.

There are a lot of different types and names of latex, and it can seem difficult to navigate through them. Here are a few rules of thumb to get started with:

The softer the latex, the better the grip
The harder the latex, the better the endurance 
The thicker the latex, the better the protection 
The thinner the latex, the more ball control

Super Soft:
This category of latex for goalkeeper gloves often goes by the name Super Soft Grip and it is an upgrade to the Soft Grip latex. If offers an improved grip compared to the Soft Grip. Gloves with this type of latex are especially suited for young players and amateurs as the price is low, the durability is excellent and the grip is very satisfying. Just like the Soft Grip latex, this type of latex encourages the goalkeeper to train and focus on technique.

This category of latex for goalkeeper gloves is an excellent upgrade from the Super Soft Grip. This category of latex often goes by the name Mega Grip or Giga Grip and has some of the very best latex. The grip is notably better, however the durability is not as good as Soft and Super Soft Grip. Latex in this category have very different names depending on the brands. It is also usually found on some top models as well as all of the best take downs.

The latex in this category are absolutely the best available, and the category often goes by the name Contact or Supreme Grip. This latex has the best grip in all conditions, which naturally makes it the most expensive, but also the least durable compared to other types of latex. Some latex in this category can often be recognised by the small granulates or high grip-elements that are added to the surface for enhanced grip. This latex is perfect for pros and ambitious elite players.

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